Sunday, May 2, 2010

productive day!

I got so very much done today and it rocked! I was able to clean up my studio some and I uncovered my sewing machine. I have been stashing away some of my old shirts from before I had babies (mostly tube tops) I finally made the effort and turned them into dresses for Lillian today. The before of the fist (and my absolute fav):

This one had a zipper up the back. I took the zipper out and closed the seam. Then I folded the top down and added elastic in the back. The original shirt was from Charlotte Russe. Here are the after shots:

Yes, we had to bribe her with chocolate morsels to get her to actually try the dress on. She seriously is not supportive of me making waaaaaay cute stuff for her!

Here is the back of the dress.

I measured her bust and then subtracted the size of the front 1/2 of the shirt. I then cut a piece of elastic to go the rest of the way around her bust measurement. This was a pretty easy solution because it wasn't major sewing. The good part is that it was tight enough I didn't need to make straps. I can also make it bigger by just replacing the elastic. After I finished this one I worked on another tube top. This one I changed up quite a bit, but I think it still needs some ribbon or something. It is not finished:

It was just a straight across tube top (sorry no real before pics) so I cut down into it for a neckline and cut the sides for sleeves. It was easier than I thought. I turned the raw edges under and viola'. I used one of her current dresses to figure out how big to cut everything. Ask any questions in the comment section!

Well, what could top a day of getting to play? A night of fun art stuff! I met up with the other artists in the Feral Arts Collective. We have some really cool shows in the works! I will post more on that later.

The real work week starts tomorrow. Oy Vey! I hope everyone found an excuse to be creative this weekend!


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