Monday, June 14, 2010

I love me some summertime

I have to admit that even though the temperature has been hitting triple digits the last few days, I really love summertime. One of the biggest reasons:
This is my absolute fav drink. It is a strawberry smoothie spiked with Limoncello. I make it with fresh strawberries, ice, a smidge of sugar, and a ton of the booze. This is Limoncello:

The yummieness is astounding. It is very refreshing. Here is how hubby prefers to drink it....

Hee hee heee... Nothing crafty tonight but I have some pics from the mural the Feral Art Collective did. Until then!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oy Vey!

It has been crazy up in the hizhouze... ok seriously we have been busy. I realized that if I could not find the time to post this weekend then I would probably never post again. Well I am really enjoying the whole blog world. While I have not been posting like I should I have been reading blogs which lately has been my wind-down time at night. Well let's start on how I was creative this weekend:

This is a super girlie skirt for Lillian. The fabric is vintage that I picked up on my trip in Max Meadows, VA. I didn't use a pattern (which yet again I should have) mainly because there really was not much fabric to work with. The skirt is basically two hemmed separate layers with the elastic only going through the inside layer. Here is what worked:
  • The waist is exactly the right size and it'll be able to grow with her
  • The two layers of skirt make this look way less homemade (or like I was drinking)
  • The length is fine now but will be super cute when she sprouts up in a few months
And what didn't work:
  • With all of the layers and the elastic going through just the inside channel (so I could get that extra ruffle) I had a rough time figuring out the order in which everything should have been sewn. Like the side seam, the elastic channel, and the hem. I made a few big oops!
  • I did not realize that when this was all ruffled the outside layer would go down like that. I would have sewn the side seam together pressing it down, instead of up, if I had known. 

 Well we live and we learn! My next project is a little gray suiting dress for me :) I have no idea when that will happen! The biggest project I am working on is Feral Art Live from the Rockshop. That link will send yo to our live feed. It is pretty cool, basically for the next few nights you can watch artists working live on one BIG mural. There are about 20 of us so it is an adventure! I have laid down some plaster, but I think I might put some ink down tonight when I swing by. Tomorrow is probably going to be the evening I get to do the most work. Well enough for now. I will post a few more times this week just to make up for being away for awhile!