Tuesday, May 4, 2010

antique adventures

While I was in Wytheville I stopped off at Snoopes Antique mall and a few others. This place was awesome! I have a confession here, I have a love-hate relationship with shopping for antiques. I LOVE it but... I am allergic to rodent pee. Funny, right? So I avoid areas with books and the such but by the end of the trip I was hitting the benadryl hard.  Anyways here are some pics:


 Sadly, I didn't get Mr. Robot there because he was a little costly. I did however pick up some buttons, baubles, and really cute fabric that you will see pop up here shortly. I almost broke down and bought a library card cabinet, but it was a little smaller than I wanted. I am holding out for a HUGE one (in my dreams, right?) What is your dream antique find?

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