Monday, August 2, 2010

Things a Mother and Daughter Should Share

I believe that my top choice on this list is now Manic Panic in Rose Red. I picked up a jar when I recently had a serious dye job and keratin straightening.

I just touched up my roots and pulled the color through my hair to liven it up a bit. This is my opinion on the Keratin straightening. From my understanding the straightening was really just them filling in the texture in the strands of my hair with protein. It has been a couple of months since I had it done and I have to say I am generally pleased with my decision to shell out that much mulah at my local Ulta salon (I had a coupon but it was still expensive). It is not the all-natural miracle they claim it to be. It is stinky and made my face itch some but it completely changed the texture of my hair. In the stance of full disclosure I did not have super curly hair to begin with. I did have frizzy semi-curly hair that usually is very reactive to humidity. The biggest compliment I can say is that I have been able to wear straight bangs through July in the south. My hair dries quickly and is easier to style. I wear it down more than usual so hubby is pleased. It is wearing off some but I think I like it better now anyways. When it was first done my hair was too straight and I had to figure out how to add curls and body (a new challenge for me).
See... waaaayyy too straight!  
 Now it is easy to deal with and my bangs are better trained. I can just blow dry and go in like 10 minutes! woo hoo!

Me trying on glasses to help my buddy Stinky choose  :)
Should you do it? Not if you have super curly hair and are expecting a drastic change that lasts. If you just want to make it easier to style and eliminate frizz then yup. I think it might just be a summertime thing for me!

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