Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 10 things that have made parenting easier.

1. this is simply a site dedicated to helping people start groups of people that have similar interests. There are all sorts of groups all over the country. The important thing here is that there are a TON of mom's groups on this site. I have met some of the most wonderful people through my meetup group, Kids at Play!

2. My Sling. I was given a Maya Wrap for a baby shower present. The friend felt horrible for giving me a "used" gift but it was probably the best thing I received. It happened to be an extra large but that turned out for the best because it allowed extra coverage for nursing, which my younger guy thought should happen 24/7. This was also the only thing that worked for those few months where I had 2 munchkins that couldn't walk.
creepy how much this kid looks like Linus

 3. The Soother. Find something that moves, lights up, plays music, and most importantly, is portable! Ours has lasted through both kids and two moves. It helped when we transitioned Lilly into her big girl bed. And it is like a trigger that lets them know it is time to sleep. It is also good for when you travel.

4. A really sturdy set of  kid-friendly table and chairs. And I mean STURDY! This just seems to keep them better organized sometimes. I got the Mammut collection from Ikea and I am very happy with it.

5. Crayola WASHABLE crayons. Yes, there are two types and washable is the way to go. But these seriously come off of everything. I have also come to love the dry erase crayons as well. I pack those and one of those cheap little board from target for out trips to the grocery store.

6. Foam bath soap. It resembles shaving cream but for kids. It comes in a huge variety of colors. As far as consumable bath products go, this stuff is the best bang for the buck. Bath crayons and paint are more expensive and do not last as long. Bath time at our house is when I get to tidy up or read a magazine when they were younger. I love it, and this stuff keeps it going for longer. The other advantage is, they can not fight over foam, too squishy.

7. Those super cheap kiddie pools form wallys world. Yeah they are like 10 bucks a pop so you buy two and fill one with a little sand and the other with water and you have HOURS of play, seriously, hours.


8. Kid's shoes without laces. Does this need an explanation. All I can say is that yes Chuck Taylor's for kids are super cute but really????

9. The Bumbo. Totally my vote for the best new baby "must-have" in the last 5 years. It is easy to clean, helps you get work done, and you can use it as a feeding chair when you go places. Totally worth the money.

10. About 5 different strollers. I am sorry, but there is not one stroller out there that can suit every situation. This is particularly true if you have two young kids. The consignment sales are the absolutely best place to go to find what you need but as of right now we have: A single umbrella ($15 walmart), A full sized Single ($25 consignment), a full sized double ($75 consignment and we have been through 2), and hopefully soon a jogging double. Each one is best for different places and having the right one is the difference between having fun and feeling out-of-control.

Nicole is the winner of the needlebook giveaway. Congrats!

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