Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Installment of the Craft tutorial!

Time to finish this sucker up. Let's review, you should have everything cut out, your cover decorated (if you so choose), and the center-most page ready for binding.

The middle page is as simple as doing nothing, or stitch around the edges for embellishment and some  stabilization. This is the pink page in my pictures.

For the front and back cover:
Start off by making the the strap closure. Straight stitch the three layers together along the edges. I trimmed up the interfacing in the middle closer to the seams to give it a more polished look.On the end that looks the prettiest make a button hole for a button you have picked out or even a slit will do when you are using felt. (sorry forgot to take a pic of just this!)

I put down a piece to act as a strap to hold my scissors in place. I stitched the top and bottom of the purple piece, then placed it on the gray and stitch the side of the little holder.

Stitch just the top of the inner sheet of felt (gray in the picture) and place the outer piece of the cover (purple) and the interfacing together and stitch just the top of these two pieces together. Again this is to stabilize the pocket opening which is at the top.

Time to make a sandwich. Lay down the inside piece (gray) then position the non-buttonholed end of the strap on top. I put mine about 1/3 of the way down. Position it so that when you stitch down the side it will stitch the strap into place. Finally lay the decorated cover on top of it all. Stick a few pins in it all and stitch down the two sides and the bottom. All done with the pages!

Stack the three pages on top of each other. I know this step sounds silly.... but make sure the opening on the outer (bottom) page is at the top and the inside page is to the sides. Seriously. This is why the color of my cover changed (DUH).

Stick a pin or two in the sandwich and run it through your sewing machine down the middle. Slow and steady is the way to go here.

Finish it up by determining where your button should go. I stuffed mine full of the things I wanted it to hold and then marked a spot on the cover with a chalk pencil where the button would be best.   Then just stitch the button on. You can reach into the pocket to sew it on so you do not need to stitch through the inside material (gray in the pic). You have yourself a rather handy and super cute needlebook!

Ok, really, all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered to win one of these guys for yourself. In this post let me know what you would add to this design. You can also comment on the two previous posts for more chances to win. I will randomly choose a winner Friday (August 13th, creeeeeepy). Good luck and enjoy making one of your own if you do not win!

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Nicole R said...

The needle book is a really cute idea! Never thought to do that. I always lose everything so this would be a good way to keep track. You are so crafty :)