Friday, July 10, 2009

I just got my first printed album in the mail

OK so I sent off 48 pages to be printed and bound. My son's 0-6 month album. I used which I read some good reviews about. For a hard-bound 12x12 album with 50 pages it was right around $60 which I thought was reasonable and I didn't really want to go with the cheapest option. Well I got it in the mail this morning and I can't say that I am completely pleased I realize that I should have waited until I had more pictures because it is a little thin, (my fault) but the cover and whole book is bent a little Also the website stated that their printing process is "full bleed" which I am pretty sure means that the image goes to the very edge of the page. I have a white border around everything which I think makes it look less professional. There were also a few printing "oops" It looks like there was a print head glitch on my son's face in one of the pages and also the contrast was messed up on one of the pages as well. I just wanted to give you a heads up! I think next time I might try shutterfly? Has anyone had a good experience??

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