Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting something of a break!

Well for the last two and next two days I only have my little guy at home. We are only here for a few days before we go back up to see family. I figured since I had the quiet one-on-one time with him we would try the whole weaning thing. My house looks like the cup and bottle isle of Baby's R Us has exploded. He seems to do fine without me but I just can't seem to get him to drink out of ANYTHING! The thing that has worked the best so far... a plain old cup that he will sip out of (thank you Ericka). Oh well. The good news is that he does take naps so I have had some quality scrappin time! Rebecca_psp recently put out a cute kit named "In My Pocket" over at My Life and Scrap. Here is the preview:

And here is my layout. I really had fun with this one. The pic is of a friend of mine's daughter. We recently had a great playdate over here where we filled a kiddie pol with mud and let the kids go nuts. It was so much fun! Anyways, the layout:

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Finally a real blog post! Well like I said I am traveling again on Friday so I am not sure when my next real blog post will be but I am going to work my darnedest to get you a freebie today or tomorrow! Until then!

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