Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While putzing around on Kruler this morning this was my favorite:

 I would love to make a dress for myself out of these colors! I have really been crushing on purples with grey recently. I think I might try to do my next piece with colors like these. The only catch is that it is hard for me to use grey when I paint. It usually ends up looking very muddy. Sounds like a fun challenge! It will probably have to wait until the weekend. Friday is Sushi night here so there are preparations to be made. Today is picture day at work. I am thinking that this means that tomorrow I might be able to swing working from home to get the pictures up on the website *crosses fingers* I would love to be able to spend a whole day in my PJ's right now. That is something I miss about being a stay at home mom. I hope everyone has a good day.

P.S. Send good thoughts to my buddy Ericka today :)

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Ericka said...

Thank you!! And you can totally pull off those colors! I love it! I miss you being a stay-at-home mom period... :)See you Friday!!