Monday, September 14, 2009

Unlocked Autumn

ad77designs has put out a great new kit named "Unlocked Autumn"

Since MLAS is down for a few more days it seems you should go to Scrapbird to snag this kit! There is a special going on now where you get the kit and the matching overlays for $3.29 which is great! I love all the funky dots in this kit. I am finally back home for awhile! I am not driving anywhere outside my city limits until Thanksgiving!!! Today is a busy day but if I get a chance tonight I am going to rock out with this kit and post some layouts for you guys! I have also done some layouts for RebeccaPSP's new kit but it is waiting on MLAS to be back up for release. My goal is to post 5 layouts on my blog by the end of the week....

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